6. What are the general rules of siting?

Try to identify those places were horse flies in rest are located and place the H-trap in an interception course between there place in rest and your horses.

  • Always place the H-trap in the open area, ideally in direct sun and away from shadow areas. This way the black ball gets warmer and will emit more infrared energy. This makes the trap more attracting for horse flies.
  • Horse flies in rest can typically be found in the lower branches of trees. This way they protect themselves from sunlight and have a good view into their surroundings. Water is essential for horse flies; this is the area were they often can be found. Here they lay their eggs. Once their larvae’s come out of their eggs they will need humid soil. This is the typical place where they will find their host in which they will parasite for appr. a year: Worms.